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Mugs are an integral part of a kitchenware collection. Most people use mugs in their daily life. Sipping hot beverages or a cold coffee from a mug seems heartwarming.

Waking up with a sip of coffee hot beverage feels rejuvenating your soul. This feels even much better when you own a personalized coffee mug. Yes! You can design your colourful mug printed with your personalized messages and pictures of your loved ones. Gifting a personalized mug on birthdays and special occasions leaves an emotional impact on people. Get your ideas even cartoons printed on mugs, gift your buddies and make them feel special.

Mugs are generally designed in different materials like glass, stainless steel, metals, ceramics with different capacities. As ceramic mugs are brittle and need to be handled with care, still a majority of the population prefers ceramic mugs. This is because these mugs can be personalized printed with personal memories and beautiful messages.

Printing colourful photos and messages are done on a white and black coloured mug. Personalized mugs can be printed in two styles, namely as wrap-around print and 2-side print. You can go with a customized printed mug for your personal use, gifting your close ones and as a memento to your clients. These mugs are microwave and dishwasher-safe. These can be easily washed without any fear of loss of printing.

Promo Print lab is a lead manufacturer of custom coffee mugs. You can customize your coffee mug by choosing pre-designed templates, upload your design, place an order and get your service delivered.

Customized mugs prove healthy when it comes to advertising and marketing your company. You can have your personalized mugs as a promotional tool printed with your company logo, name and powerful messages. Gifting your customers with a custom mug creates loyal customers and even buy the attention of new ones. This shows efforts in making customer services better and increasing profitability in business. Plus, it provides daily visibility of the people hence, people will remember the brand name of your company.

A trend of giving away custom coffee mugs to your employees printed with motivational quotes is a part of building a work environment and makes them feel connected to your firm.

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